The main purpose of the digital signage system is to transmit the message you want to give your target audience in the most effective way. Therefore, before the digital signage system infrastructure installation, you should decide what you aim to do with this system. The following questions will help you build your road map on this subject;
1. How do you intend to publish content (still images, moving images, RSS sourced, live TV, etc.)?
2. On how many different locations, andin how many different screens do you want to publish your content?
3. Do you want to publish the same content on every screen or different contents on different screens?
4. How do you make the preparation, replacement and updating process of your contents?
5. Do you want to check all screens and the published contentsto see if theyare working properly?
6. Is there a concern about security in the place thescreens are set up? (Someone turning the player off, publishing a different content, etc.)
7. Does your existing network infrastructure have the data communication capability required for digital signage?
It is better to pass to the designing, equipment selection and the creation of content phase that will be displayed on your infrastructure after answering these questions.The secret to success in a Digital Signage system is directly proportional to the content that is to be published.Digital content should be up to date, impressive and professional.


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